What is ridesharing?

    Ridesharing services are administered via an app, that arranges transportation and fees on short notice. Ridesharing services also offer an opportunity for driver and passenger ratings.

    How is ridesharing different than taxis?

    In Saint John, taxi services can be offered through licensed companies and individuals. Fees are determined by distance travelled and meter rates as set out by By-law M-12.

    How do I get a ridesharing license?

    Once the by-law is established, individuals will be able to contract with companies who have met the license requirements as set out by the by-law. 

    Specific information about requirements for ridesharing companies will be available once the by-law is established.

    How do I find out about ridesharing services in Saint John?

    Once a by-law is established, licensed companies will be responsible to contract drivers and promote their services. Once established, the by-law will be posted in the by-laws section of .saintjohn.ca found here.

    How is the City involved in ridesharing?

    The City is establishing a by-law for ridesharing services to operate in Saint John. Once that by-law is established, companies can apply to be licensed to operate within the city. Each company will be responsible to contract drivers and promote their service.